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1.   Prioritize School Safety

a.       Revise the official Strategic Plan of the DCSD to include the words “School Safety” (it’s not there) and make it Priority #1.

b.      Raise the position of Director of Safety & Security to a Cabinet-Level Position – with a highly qualified Deputy Director.

c.       Board Meetings – Safety Update will be 1st on the Agenda

d.      School Safety Tour – Each High School Feeder Group will host a meeting between DCSD Safety Office & Parents.

e.      Budget – Dedicated Safety $ Grant Writer

2.   Grow Collaborative Partnership with Critical Stakeholders

a.       Implement annual physical security assessment of DCSD buildings by Department of Homeland Security (no cost to district).

b.      Implement Bi-Annual Table-Top Emergency Training Exercises with Top-to-Bottom agencies (Federal/State/County/South Metro Fire/Municipality/School District/Emergency Medical Facilities).

c.       Move DCSD Safety & Security Operations Center to Consolidated Communications Center w DC Sheriff’s 911/Dispatch.

d.  Enter into IGA with law enforcement partners, mental health care providers, and the District Attorney’s Office for the 18th Judicial District for RFP and shared costs for viable joint database to provide cross-jurisdictional sharing of information to prevent any student from “falling through the cracks”, such as what occurred in Parkland, Florida in February of 2018.

e.      Enter into IGA for the Issuance of RFP (and shared cost) for outside expert 3rd Party assessment for critical analysis and implementation of Best Practices in strategic and tactical response to active shooter and violent criminals on school campus.  Red Team critical review to overcome any institutional bias or procedural blindness as to new ideas developed by U.S. military operators, such as, but not limited to, U.S. Navy SEALS, U.S. Special Forces, or U.S. Army in building infiltration and breaching of doors/walls.

f.        Revise DCSD Policy to require higher standards for firearms and tactical skills-based training and annual testing for any SRO, DCSD Safety Officers or other employee authorized to carry firearms on campus.

3.   Fully Staffed & Robust School Resource Officer Program

a. Joint collaborative evaluation of each school in DSCD (neighborhood & charter) in consideration of objective standards of the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) to determine the appropriate number of SROs that are needed in each school. Phased increase of SROs to these numbers.

b.     Joint marketing and recruitment program for future SROs targeting existing law enforcement and military agencies and colleges with criminal justice programs.

c.   Bring the Trainers Here – Collaboration with local partners & Colorado Association of School Resource Officers (CASRO) & NASRO to identify best trainers to bring to Douglas County for annual training for ALL SROs.

d.      Enhance Collaboration between SROs, DCSD Mental Health Counselors & Mental Health Care Providers & Youth Community Response Team

4.  School Security Volunteer Program - Modeled on the Community Safety Volunteer Program in the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.  District level efforts with collaboration with individual Feeder Groups for Marketing, Recruiting, Training, Support and Retention of unpaid volunteers to supplement DCSD Safety Officers, School Resource Officers, and local law enforcement officers. Duties could include: Traffic control operations, building security inspections, monitoring of exterior playground/sports fields/courtyards, etc. 

5.   Fast-Track Building Security Improvements. 

a. Enhance building entrances and vestibules for best practice. Secondary controlled security barriers with ballistic film on windows both in and next to entrance doors and administrative windows near entrances and inside vestibules.

b.      Photo ID card Program. Every student, teacher & staff to be issued color-coded Photo ID cards and lanyards to identify individuals’ status at a distance. (i.e., each grade/class has a separate unique colored lanyard).

c.       Red Team testing of entrance security procedures.


6. Vaping & Marijuana: K-9 Search Solutions

Douglas County has just recently been reported has having the #1 highest rate of illegal vaping by teenagers in the entire United States.  Marijuana and Vaping are both problems in our schools. Recent surveys report 52% of Senior have reported using vaping products!

A great part of a multi-faceted solution would be to use K-9 search teams to find illegal marijuana or vaping products in our schools. However, the current use of K-9 search dogs in our schools is inefficient, ineffective, and inconsistent from school-to-school. Kory has consulted with both the Sheriff's Office and the School District's Safety & Security Office about this situation. A legal expert in both 4th Amendment Search & Seizure Law AND Animal Law, Kory can help bring this program to be the best in the entire state!

Kory will work to enhance the current K-9 search team program to focus on both illegal drugs AND vaping products. Kory's desire is not only to deter students from bringing such items into our schools, but to identify those students who may have an addiction problem, so that the appropriate resources can be applied to help them.  Most students who are engaged in drug abuse are attempting to escape some problem, and by identifying those students, we can help both the individual student and possibly their household....and address the negative health impact of drugs and/or vaping.

Kory will utilize his pre-existing relationships with the Sheriff's Office and local police departments to make sure that K-9 search dogs that are certified for marijuana have regular and unencumbered access to the middle schools, high schools, and charter schools, but randomly executed. 

Kory will build partnerships with regional commercial donors and health industry professionals to fund the creation of a DCSD K-9 program inside the Office of Safety & Security - to purchase and train a friendly furry search dog specifically certified for vaping products.  A small little beagle, or a lab, or a golden retriever, who can travel with their trained handler, around to all the schools - not only searching for vaping products, but also providing a friendly source of emotional support for any students who are just having a rough day.


7. Disciplinary Policy & Procedure Review

The investigation into the 02/07/2018 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman-Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida revealed that the school district's disciplinary policy had a direct and consequential effect of allowing the sociopathic shooter to "fall through the gaps" and gain dangerous access to the school without the juvenile justice system having the opportunity to intervene, assess, and treat the shooter outside of the school. Mr. Andrew Pollack, whose daughter Meadow was killed in Parkland, exposed the dangerous policies in his recently released book "Why Meadow Died". Kory will institute a critical review of the DCSD disciplinary policies in collaborative partnership with the District Attorney's Office of the 18th Judicial District and local law enforcement agencies, with the lessons of Parkland learned, so as to make sure our schools are safe from dangerous students within the schools. 


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