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On Tuesday, October 22nd, at the regularly scheduled meeting of the Douglas County School Board, Brad, Amber & Ben Wann exercised their 1st Amendment Rights to once again address their grievance to the elected school board members on the issue of the school board’s official policy # JLCDB. This policy has prohibited Ben Wann, a student with epilepsy, from having life-saving medication readily accessible to him should he suffer a seizure while on school grounds. Ben is allergic to other seizure medication but has found success with a CBD product called “Charlotte’s Web” to minimize the occurrence of his seizures. However, should a seizure occur, there is a different medical cannabis product, a nasal spray, that can immediately stop Ben’s seizure. Because this nasal spray does have a low level of THC, the Board’s policy prohibits this medicine from being kept on campus. Time is absolutely essential in responding to such a seizure, as brain damage occurs after 5 minutes. Emergency medical responders are over 15 minutes away and they only have seizure medication to which Ben is allergic.  State law allows DCSD to change their policy to allow this life-saving medicine to be stored and dispensed on school grounds. Recently Clear Creek School District took the lead and changed their policy.

At the end of Ben’s statement Tuesday night, the Board President David Ray surprised everyone in responding to the Wann Family, stating that he would recommend that policy # JLCDB be placed on the formal agenda for the next Board meeting for formal review.  Most individuals who are aware of the struggles of the Wann family with the school district were surprised by Ray’s sudden willingness to bring this policy up for discussion, after 15 months of stonewalling the Wann Family.

Do NOT be fooled by David Ray’s sudden attempt to change his spots. There are three important facts that will reveal the true motivation for Ray’s sudden action:

1st – The next school board meeting will be Nov 12th – 7 days AFTER Election Day, when it will be revealed whether incumbent Ray will be re-elected or replaced.  Don’t for a minute think Ray’s actions should not be viewed primarily through the optical lens of politics.

2nd – What most people may have missed Tuesday night was David Rays final words on the topic to the Wanns: “You may not like the results.”

3rd – David Ray has the authority to call a special emergency meeting of the school board to take a vote on amending the DSCD policy – why wait? Why subject Ben to even one more day of danger in school?

David Ray is desperate to erase or hide the past 15 months of harassment of the Wann family because of Brad Wann’s passionate conservative political activism in Douglas County, mostly focused in opposition to this current school board’s actions. By providing the Wanns the hope of a policy change for the political gamesmanship of posing as a caring administrator, like some bad Halloween costume, for the purposes of selling the voters a false narrative – David Ray needs to be exposed – and voted out of office.

The policy of the Douglas County School District, # JLCDB, addressing the use of medical cannabis on school grounds should be revised so as to allow the Wann family, and others, equal protection under the law for their student’s unique medical conditions. There should be no delay – not one more day. If David Ray truly is wanting to protect the health and safety of a very vulnerable student in HIS school district – Ben Wann – and he is NOT playing political games with this child, he should immediately convene an emergency school board meeting and vote to enact the needed revisions. If he FAILS to do this, then there is no doubt David Ray’s harassment of the Wann Family has simply entered a new phase – providing false hope in an effort to protect his re-election effort.

I believe School Safety is the # 1 priority for the DCSD, and that includes the safety of our students who are fragile because their own bodies are betraying them. This fragile student deserves a school district who will protect him – even pushing the boundaries of new policies and providing the BOLD leadership to do the right thing.

As for me – I Stand With Ben.

--Kory Nelson

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