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  • School Safety must be Priority #1
  • Cooperation with Strategic Safety Partners – No Politics!
  • Increase School Resources Officers & Programming to Enhance a Culture & Community of Safety



  • Treat Teachers as Professional Educators
  • Close the Pay Gap with Adjacent Counties
  • Consult WITH Teachers & Staff to Explore Possible Improvements:
    • Paid License Renewals
    • Merging Sick Leave into Paid Time Off
    • Building a Culture of Teamwork & Respect
  • Improve Retention Rate & HirHHHhhing of Experienced Teachers



  • Parents as Co-Partners with Teachers & Board
  • Treat Parents with R-E-S-P-E-C-T
  • Enhance Parental Involvement in Schools as Volunteers




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1. What are your three top priorities for our school district? And why?

              A). School Safety.

Keeping our students, faculty, administrators, staff and visitors in the district buildings safe must be priority #1. My unique proven expertise in school safety in Douglas County, including having been appointed by the Douglas County Board of County Commissioners to their Physical School Security Advisory Committee, will allow me to utilize my knowledge and pre-existing positive relationships with the Sheriff’s Department and municipal police departments to enhance school safety.

              B) Increasing Retention Rates of Faculty, Administrators and Classified Staff.

Despite the success of passing Proposition 5A, the current school board failed to follow the expert advice of their staff in implementing the expenditure of the funds promised to the voters to be used for closing the pay gap with other regional school districts. The current school board implemented a pay raise that averaged only 2.6% for teachers while administrators received an average pay raise of over 12%. This fundamental failure has created significant damage in the relations between our faculty and the district. The complicated state school funding formula may not allow significant pay raises at this point, but other actions can be taken to improve the relationship with employees.

              C) Respecting Parents as Co-Partners in the Education Process

The contemptuous manner in which the current school board has treated parents is regrettable and needs to be addressed through the election of parents to the board. (1) Just this year, President David Ray ejected parent Aaron Johnson and had him escorted out of an official school board meeting by an armed deputy sheriff because of the content of his speech. (2) Shortly after the death of Kendrick Castillo, the board needlessly disrespected the parents of the STEM Highlands Ranch charter school by giving them only 24 hours’ notice the board was reviewing the renewal of their Charter, possibly endangering their financial bond and their very existence. Then the Board irresponsibly delayed these parents’ opportunity for public comment for over two-hours while these parents had to wait outside the building in the pouring rain. (3) The history of the district’s intentional harassment of the Ascent Charter School, and their parents, is reprehensible, as the District’s illegal actions in attempting to unilaterally modify the contractual terms of their lawful Charter and publicly threaten to “fight tooth and nail” against Ascent’s exercise of their lawful discretion in providing enhanced security for their campus has exposed this current school board as being too hostile to the legal rights of parents.

2. What do you think is the greatest challenge in Douglas County School District regarding special education?


3. IEP processes are stressful for both parents and school staff, with conflict inherent in the process and limited resources. What do you think that our district can do, to better the climate and the relationships between staff and parents to meet student needs?


  1. Investigate what other school districts are doing in regard to maintaining positive relationships between their staff and parents;
  2. Examine the possible development of a Navigator program, in which designated district employees and volunteers could be tasked with assisting parents in navigating through the administrative process surrounding special education resources.
  3. Provide opportunities for parents and staff to develop a meaningful dialogue around possible innovative programs relating to communication and better relations;

4. How do you plan to support students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities in your role as a board member, and did todays simulation give you any insight that will determine how you will support those students?

My household has a unique appreciation for students facing challenges with either medical conditions or learning disabilities - as we have conversations on these topics around our dining room table regularly. My wife is a Reading Recovery Teacher and Literacy Specialist employed in the Douglas County School District. She has a master’s degree in special education, having worked as a special education teacher previously in California. Having been exposed to these issues has provided me a unique level of understanding and empathy for parents and students facing these challenges. I strongly support literacy programs and the district’s current attempts to implement phonics programming.

5. If you learn that some district personnel are in non-compliance with IDEA and Section 504 or you are approached with a special education concern how would you like to see it handled?

The appropriate administrator should review the circumstances for the appropriate corrective action. The administration should take the opportunity to learn from mistakes – not only mistakes from DCSD personnel, but personnel from other districts. Because complaints filed with the state Department of Education are investigated with written rulings, these rulings from other districts provide a learning opportunity. Professional development opportunities for special education staff should include an annual review of these rulings involving all districts, as well as internal mistakes that did not result in a formal complaint to the state.



This is a description of Kory's overview of the goals of education and the roles and responsibilities of the key strategic partners in the education process.

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