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Congratulations to David Ray on retaining his seat on the Douglas County School Board. 

I announced my candidacy for the school board back in July, at time the local newspaper quoted David as being “equally undecided” about running for re-election as Anne Marie Lemieux and Wendy Vogel. Shortly thereafter Vogel & Lemieux announced their decision not to run for re-election. It wasn’t until the end of August that David reportedly changed his mind and decided to run for re-election. Given the history of the past two school board election cycles, in which the conservative candidates lost by a consistent 15,000 votes, I knew that trying to unseat an incumbent school board president was going to be an uphill course.

I am proud that my primary reasons for running dominated the campaign: School Security, Faculty Relations, and Respect for Parents. While David desperately tried to defend the past actions of the school board by denying there was a problem, I believe my campaign exposed the truth.  While the voters may be hopeful David can improve his performance, I can only hope that the narrow margin David achieved as the incumbent will cause him to actually modify his action. Has he been listening?  The clear test will come at the very next school board meeting, as David promised Brad & Amber Wann that the board would revisit the district’s policy on medical cannabis. But will David Ray provide the leadership the community has demanded in convincing the other directors to actually change the policy – or was David just using the Wann family as a political toy? We will be watching.

This experience provided me many opportunities to meet some amazing people in Douglas County and listen to them. From the single mother with kids in different schools to the family home-schooling their six kids, and the Moms who just wanted to feel as though someone was listening to their needs to feel better about the safety of their students – we have an awesome community in Douglas County. Talking with school security officers, police officers, administrators, faculty, and bus drivers – I listened and learned. The experience was worthwhile.

I just want to extend a heart-felt “thank you” to all those friends, family members, neighbors, supporters, and volunteers who helped me along the way. There is much I learned from each of you – especially how any candidate can not do anything without passionate supporters. Many volunteers worked behind the scenes on so many small things, that made things flow – keeping the wheels on the bus. I also met and made so many new friends – maybe the best part of the entire adventure.

Finally, many people asked me “what’s next?”.  Well, since I now have some unanticipated time on my hands, I’m going to take full advantage of it by spending more time with my own family, who hasn’t seen much of me over the past few months.  I’ll enjoy the holidays with them and re-charge and look forward to 2020 and see if I can find another candidate’s campaign to help as a volunteer for the November 2020 election.  It’s always about trying to make a difference for our community.

Kory Nelson for School Board
10940 S. Parker Road Box 135
Parker, CO  80134

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